Companies that will donate a heated swimming pool

8-year-old boy with Down Syndrome

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Are there any companies that will donate a heated swimming pool or give a major discount for a disabled child? My 7 year old daughter has Down syndrome, arthritis, suspected lupus, wears hearing aids and doesn’t speak. Her arthritis is a major concern. There have been times when she has not been able to walk and she has even been hospitalized because of it. We live in Texas and go to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital. Her therapist there said that swimming would be the best exercise for her.

We live in a very small town and there are no appropriate facilities nearby where she can swim daily. I am a single mom of two. We are on a limited budget. I cannot afford a heated pool on my own. I was hoping maybe a pool builder might donate one or give us a really big discount. This would greatly improve my daughter’s quality of life. Also, she seems to be the happiest when she is swimming or playing in water. We have trusted God to provide for us and He always has. I am hoping that someone out there will see this as an opportunity to minister. We would greatly appreciate it. God bless!

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  • tschmitt98:

    Stacie –

    please send an email to so that we can discuss this in detail with you.


  • fraudlister:

    Depending on your financial circumstances, you might go online to find help at the arthritis foundation, christian cahrities or Catholic charities.

  • don n:

    Perhaps a local church group would take this on as a project and raise some money toward the pool and a dealer would give a discount. It is worth a try.

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